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An Authentic Italian Market & Restaurant Experience



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Mario ‘Max’ DeMarchi has brought his passion for fine food and personal service to a new location in Califon, New Jersey.

Max’s philosophy is simple — offer fresh ingredients prepared in an authentic manner in a pleasant setting. Using only top quality products (including hormone free, grass-fed beef products)

Max’s Market & Eatery food is presented by a professional staff at fair pricing.

This new venture follows a series of successful food service businesses that Max has had throughout Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. The Califon location represents a new concept that many customers have asked for:

Create an authentic Italian market as part of the restaurant experience. Allow customers to enjoy Max’s ’cooked-to-order’ food at home. Make Max’s the ‘go-to’ place for catering when an event is planned.



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We offer fresh ingredients prepared in an authentic manner

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A message from Max…our mission is to provide you the best dining experience possible, that means we will make, to our best ability, any dish that you desire, as long as we have the ingredients. If you see something in one of our showcases, please feel free to ask us to prepare it for you. We are here to serve you!

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Max's Market & Eatery

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Make Max’s the ‘go-to’ place for catering when an event is planned.